Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor Engine Aluminum Alloy Model Toy For Christmas Gift

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Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor Engine Aluminum Alloy Model Toy For Christmas Gift

Brand Name: SaiHu

Item Name: Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor
Model: SH-08
Color: red, gold, blue, black combo

Weight: 1.2KG
Size: 22*11*12 cm
Packing size: 29*17*19 cm
Engine no-load speed range: 500-2500r/min

Fuel: absolute ethanol or 95% medical alcohol

Steering mode: steering wheel manual
Main material: aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel,
Surface treatment: anodizing
Cylinder Lubricating Oil: Advanced Sewing Machine Oil or 10# Industrial White Oil

Lubricating oil filling method: dripping (oil filling port)

Transmission mode: belt, gear combination
Speed ​​change mode: two-speed (D/N) shift lever backwards to neutral forward forward
-The product is made of aluminum alloy CNC in a large area, and the texture and quality are well guaranteed.
-The overall appearance adopts this year’s popular retro style design, with the retro tractor shape combined with the vacuum absorbing Stirling machine as the power, the appearance and the engine sound in the start are more realistic to restore the characteristics of retro machinery.
– Four rounds use the red tomahawk wheel, aluminum alloy CNC carved.
-The modular design of the whole machine is divided into three major assemblies: front axle, power and rear axle, totaling 90 parts, all of which are machined and manufactured instead of open mold to ensure the model texture.
-Assembled with stainless steel screws 100, the gearbox is the first manual full copper gearbox in China, with tight mechanism and precise machining.
– A good restore of the principle of the real manual transmission and the feel of the hanging gear. The front wheel steering mechanism fully simulates the real car steering mechanism, and the design structure and part quality exceed the model level manufacturing level.
– For the first time in the domestic model, the steering mechanism structure uses a fully-simulated car rack-type steering mechanism, manual steering, manual transmission, and greater mechanical fun.
Use the tutorial:
1: hang the shift lever backwards into the neutral position
2: Check if the rotating flywheel is flexible,
3: Whether the copper valve is open or closed when the flywheel is rotated
4: Pick up the machine neutral state and turn the two rear wheels separately to be normal.
5: Turn the steering wheel to check the steering mechanism
Start up:
1: Choose a windless, flat ground
2: Lift the head cover up
3: Open the fuel tank cap to refuel
4: Ignite wick
5: Continuously rotate the flywheel to start the engine. (When the temperature is below 10 °C, the cylinder will condense the water. After the wick is ignited for two minutes, the flywheel is continuously turned on.)
6: Adjust the wick distance to let the engine reach the maximum speed, drip the oil in the oil port

7: Put down the head cover, hang the gear lever into the forward gear, and move the model.

Package Included:
1 x Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor


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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / birthday gift.


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