Twin Cylinder Marine Steam Engine Model(M2B)

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Twin Cylinder Marine Steam Engine Model(M2B)

Total length: 85mm
Full size: 82mm
Full-height: 74mm
Bore: 10mm
Stroke: 15mm
Weight: 367g
Output shaft : 4mm

Suitable for hull length of 600 to 900 mm.

It has been completely upgraded. It is all brazed.
Extremely well built with solid brass components.90-degree angle V-shaped design and have Oil pot for live steam engine.
compact structure,which makes it very unusual, probably for paddle boats or land vehicles.Extremely well builtwith solid brass components.
It has a reversible valve to run both directions with variable pressure, ready for servo connection.
Control valve to complete a new upgrade, the installation of high-temperature sealing O-ring. Solve steam leakage problems.
Package Included:
1 X M2B Twin Cylinder Marine Steam Engine


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