luxury Model classic Russian wooden ship Kit ingermanland 1715 ships wood

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luxury Model classic Russian wooden ship Kit ingermanland 1715 ships wood


Scale 1/50
Finished size :   1304mm*583MM*1240mm

The carving parts in the kit are resin ones, canvas included, so you can make the sail by yourself.
masts and riggings included in the kit.
New version of Peter the Great is newly designed 3D structure, which make the the assembling easier and easily to control the acuracy , and the details is various, features are as following:
1. rib polishing line
2. combined type of rib
3, Frame type gun port
4. combined type of the support of the shiphead(no need to use stayed wood)
5.  the opening version of the hull
6. all size of the cannon( the traditional version is half cannon style,now it is 65mm cannon)
7. details of the Trunnion tablet of the cannon
8. Captain Room, Officer Room with blocked floor, reserve the changing space.
9, the curves on the shiphead is cut by laser machine
10. the hinger on the hull is updated which is more real

as there is no change for the rigging system, the new version only make for validation of the hull.Designing picture and the accessories are all the same.

combined type ribs

A new ship has been designed for a head structure, and the newbie will handle it easily

Integrated type of shiphead support (no need to use wood stays)

Open body style, make the plank work for shiphead

Captain floor room with blocked, we reserve the change of place.

Carbin cannon frame style

Any size of cannon, no more using the traditional version is half canon style

Add details on the Trunnion Cannon board

The hinger on the body is updated which is more real

Finished version



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