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Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor Engine


  • Aluminum Alloy + Brass + Stainless Steel
  • Physics Science Experiment Model
  • 90 Parts Assemblies: Front Axle, Power, and Rear Axle
  • Quality Guaranteed
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  • Highly Recommended

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Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor Engine

Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor Engine is a retro tractor style design in a combination of a vacuum Stirling engine. Made of an aluminum alloy engine with 90 total parts assemblies. Moreover, all assembly parts are machined and manufactured. Therefore, quality is a guarantee.

In addition, this model features a high speed of 500-2500r/min, with anodizing surface treatment. Also, uses absolute ethanol or alcohol for its fuel.

Above all, it’s fully functional and operates similarly to the real ones. However, this product is suitable for ages 14 years old above. This can be a great collection for RC car collectors. And also for decoration, as a gift and DIY experiments.

Brand Name: SaiHu
Item Name: Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor
Model: SH-08
Color: Red, gold, blue, black
Weight: 1.2KG
Size: 22 x 11 x 12 cm

Fuel: Absolute ethanol or 95% medical alcohol
Cylinder Lubricating Oil: Advanced Sewing Machine Oil or 10# Industrial White Oil

Packing Size: 29 x 17 x 19 cm

Tutorial Checklist:
1 – Hang the shift lever back into the neutral position.
2 – Check if the rotating flywheel is flexible.
3 – Check whether the copper valve is open or closed while the flywheel is rotated.
4 – Pick up the machine’s neutral state then turn the 2 rear wheels separately to be normal.
5 –  Turn the steering wheel and check the steering mechanism.

Startup Instructions:
1 – Choose a windless flat ground, then Lift the head cover-up.
2 – Open the fuel tank cap and refuel.
3 – Check the ignition wick.
4 – Continuously rotate the flywheel to start the engine.
5 – Adjust the wick distance to let the engine reach the maximum speed then drip the oil in the oil port.
6 – Put down the headcover then hang the gear lever into the forward gear, and move the model.

Package Includes:
1x Vacuum Fire Stirling Tractor

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.

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