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Two-Cylinder Reciprocating Steam Engine


  • Made of Copper
  • 10CC Cylinder Volume
  • Suitable for Hull Length 1,000 ~ 1,500mm
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  • Highly Recommended

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Two-Cylinder Reciprocating Steam Engine

Reciprocating Steam Engine is a steam engine with a two-cylinder type, it’s also known as Piston Engine. Made of copper that is carefully crafted by hand. Moreover, It’s suitable for use as power on trains, planes, and ship models. Its purpose is to allow your model to run back to its original power. Perfect for collection, replacement, DIY, exhibits, and even a gift for family and friends that loves engines.

In addition, this engine has 2 pistons at opposite ends that work together in 1 cylinder. It uses 2 or more pistons to convert pressure in rotational motion, which means up and down motion to produce energy. Its main purpose is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. Moreover, there are 4 types of this engine, known as V-Type, In-lIne, Opposed, and Radial.

Above, it’s fully functional and ready to assemble. However, this product is suitable for ages 14 years old above. You can also check our site gamesworldcenter.com for more Steam Engine models such as Hit & Mass gas Engine, Stirling Engine, Stirling Engine Advanced Version, Twin-Cylinder Engine, Micro Scale Engine, and more!

Aside from Steam Engines, we have more accessories and engine types available like Turbine Engine, Methanol Engine, Stirling Engine, Gasoline Engine, and more! We have also engine parts Tubing, Boiler Kit, Piston Slide Valve, Fuel Tank, Spark Plug, Lubricating Cup, and a lot more! We have also RC Car models, Excavator, RC Boat, RC Helicopter, Motorcycle, and a lot more!

Type: Two-cylinder Engine
Cylinder volume: 10cc
Bore diameter: 12mm
Length: 115mm
Width: 85mm
Height: 100mm
Weight: 1400g
Suitable for hull length 1,000 ~ 1,500mm

Package Includes:
1x 2-Cylinder Engine

Feel free to contact support for more RC accessories and parts needed, we are happy to assist you!

A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.


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