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TJ Tiger King Reed Inline Engine 27cc Professional Fuel Racer

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TJ Tiger King Reed Inline Engine 27cc Professional Fuel Racer

Brand: Tianjie Tiger King

Model:Purple TK-GP27-v

Product Name: Reed Exhaust Inline Machine

Material: aluminum alloy

Type: single cylinder, water cooled, two stroke

Brief introduction: The new push technology of Tianjie model has undergone 3 years of continuous research and development. After hundreds of hours of non-stop testing, the original machine has reached 20,500 revolutions. With the same speedboat configuration, the speed is increased by 5km.

The main data:

1. Displacement: 27cc

2. Power: 20500 rpm

3. Fuel: 92 # gasoline or higher quality gasoline

4. Engine oil: REPSOL 2T combustion engine oil is recommended . Please refer to the in-store oil product introduction for the best mix ratio.

5. Use paddles:

O version recommended TJ1218 Φ 67/68/69 (clover), TJ1113 Φ 67/68/69 (clover)

V version recommended TJ1217 Φ 59/60, TJ1318 Φ 59/60, TJ1118 Φ 59/60

6, carburetor: high-profile brand in the world and China Borodino ( Waldron ) 1048

7. Starting method: electric starter wheel

A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / birthday gift.


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