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The Walking Dead Prison Tower And Gate Set


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The Walking Dead Prison Tower And Gate Set

The Walking Dead Prison Tower And Gate Set from McFarlane toys.
revolutionary evolution allows fans and collectors to enjoy building their favorite scenes.
With a highly detailed and realistic construction line.
In the past, no one wanted to live or be in a prison, But after the zombie apocalypse happened, Glenn and the other survivors, have found their safety and restore a sense of freedom from the hordes of the undead.
in the abandoned cell blocks of prison that cleared, they find respite.
they discover that the walkers weren’t their biggest threat to their lives.
the danger has back, the Governor set an eye on that safe place so-called prison and wants to control it Or he would rather destroy it for everyone.
The Walking Dead Prison Tower And Gate Set is A 2″ scale set and There are 620 pieces In “The Prison Tower & Gate” set that includes the gate, iconic guard tower, Glenn Rhee, shed, Female Herd Walker, barbed wire fence, discarded filing cabinet, light post, Crawler Walker and weeds.
with original paint, the game could never be more alive.
This set will be a fine addition to any collection and compatible with other building set brands.
The TV series The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror and started in 2010.
has 10 seasons that Attracted millions of viewers worldwide becoming one of the most popular.
Take a trip of imagination With Glenn, Tara, Maggie on prison times.
See more of The Walking Dead Characters and toys in our store click here.
A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love.
it is also suitable for a Christmas/birthday gift.

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