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SW270B/SW300B 27-30kg Turbojet Engine


  • 27-30kg Turbine Engine
  • Turbine Engine with Brushless Starter
  • Compact, Lightweight, Powerful
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SW270B/SW300B Turbojet Engine with ECU

SW270B/SW300B Turbojet Engine, a 27-30kg turbine engine with version 3 ECU for the jet plane model. Moreover, it’s a gas turbine engine that works by compressing air with an inlet and compressor. It develops up to 300 newtons thrust or about 30kg. In addition, has a compact, capsule-like design and a built-in FOD screen. Features fast throttle response, 25hrs maintenance intervals, and happily works on kerosene or diesel.
The good thing about this product is they offer a 1-year warranty on every turbojet engine sold, then after 1-year, there’s a limited lifetime warranty. Moreover, each turbine comes with a brushless starter motor, fuel pump system, and the latest V3 ECU. Above all, it’s powerful and lightweight that you can easily carry. However, only suitable for ages 14 years old above.
Aside from this accessory, we have more RC parts and accessories available such as Dynamo, JetCat 200RX, 16kg Jet Turbine, 14kg Jet Turbine, 12kg Jet Turbine, 16kg Jet Turbine, and a lot more!
Did you know that Turbojet engines are still common today because they are used in commercial airliners and military aircraft. Also, they’re getting expensive because of their high demand and being fuel efficiency.

– Compact and powerful
– Brushless starter motor
– 32-bit microprocessor
– Remote data terminal – the screen is visible in sunlight
– Full-autostart on kerosene
– Built-in FOD screen
– Will run on kerosene/diesel
– Anodized silver can

Type: Swiwin SW270B/SW300B 27-30kg Jet Turbine Engine with Brushless Starter
Material: Alloy + Electronic Components + Plastic
Diameter: 150mm
Length: About 350mm
Weight of Engine: 2502g
Maximum Rotate Speed: 98,000
Standard Thrust: 300N(30kg)
Rated Exhaust Temperature: 650 ℃

Fuel Consumption (90% Maximum Throttle): 720g / min (98,000RPM)
Fuel: Kerosene or Diesel
Lubrication: 5% Mobil Jet Oil II
Regular Maintenance Cycle: Every 25 Hours
Product Size: 35 x 15 x 15cm

Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30cm
Weight: 5000g
Packaging: Carton Box

Packing Include:
1x Swiwin SW270B/SW300B 27-30kg Jet Turbine Engine
Controller with Display
Electric Machine Anti-bubble Oil Pump
Necessary Wires

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