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Stark48 Hall Motor Fan 3-Coil


  • 3 Coil High-speed Magnetic Levitation Motor
  • Complete Kit
  • High-Speed Hall Sensor Drive with High RPM
  • AH477 Hall Drive
  • Free Shipping
  • Highly Recommended

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Stark48 Hall Motor Fan 3-Coil

Stark48 Hall Motor Fan, a 3-coil high-speed magnetic levitation brushless motor. Has a high-speed hall sensor drive with high RPM. Moreover, it’s very stable and can be used for a long period of time. In addition, it features an improved structure of a single-strand hall, where it uses closed-loop magnetic suspension
Also, it uses AH477 hall drive. The 3 coils worked independently, therefore, it does not affect each other’s performance. Its rotor fan also produces wind that is equivalent to a mini fan’s wind. Therefore, the more interface you insert, the greater the wind.
Above all, the kit is complete and fully assembled. Ready play and compatible with other engine parts. Perfect for replacement, upgrade, DIY, experiment, and science exhibit. However, suitable for ages 14 years old above. Also, suitable for students for education demonstration and developing skills.
Aside from this product, we have more parts available such as Oil Tank, Pipe, Battery, Methanol Engines, Inline Engine 27CC, Hit & Miss Gas Engine, Stirling Engine V4 DM13, Marine Steam Engine, Turbine Engine, Bedini Motor, and a lot more.
General Information:
Brand: Stark
Model: Stark-48
Overall Size : 160*140*180mm
Weight :1400G
Input voltage : 5V*3
Power: 5 ~ 10 W
Db: 55db
– When it operates at a high speed, do not touch the rotor, and don’t let the magnet or iron get close to it.
– Placed it on a horizontal stationary table.
– Be sure to protect the sensor. Do not shake.

– If the magnet is loosening, tighten the screws before turning it on.

Package Included:
1x Stark-48 Brushless Hall Motor

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