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Solid State Tesla Coil Kit 0.2M-SS


  • Lightning Storm Music in a Box
  • Comes with Controller, Power Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, & Host
  • Plus Accessories: Discharge Needle, Tweezer, & Screwdriver
  • Power Capacity of 110-220V 200W
  • Free Shipping
  • Highly Recommended

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Solid State Tesla Coil Kit

Solid State Tesla Coil, a type of lightning storm music in a box. Moreover, it comes with a controller, power cable, fiber optic cable, host, and accessories such as a discharge needle, tweezer, and screwdriver. With a power capacity of 110-220V 200W.
In addition, a Tesla-Coil is a resonant transformer that produces high voltages at low currents. It is used to produce fantastic voltage sparkling displays.

Also made with high-quality materials and created with great workmanship. Suitable for replacement, collection, DIY, science exhibit, and experiment. Moreover, this product can be used in building DIY engines. Therefore, you can do your experiment and have fun.

Above all, the product is brand-new and compatible with Tesla models, however, suitable for ages 14 years old above. You may visit our site for more engine models and parts, such as spark plug & adapter, spark plug protection cap, Rubber Ring, Eachine Engine models, and a lot more!

Aside from this accessory, we have more parts available such as Oil Tank, Pipe, Battery, Methanol Engines, Inline Engine 27CC, Hit & Miss Gas Engine, , Marine Steam Engine, Turbine Engine, Bedini Motor, Steam Broiler, Miniature Steam Engine, Ignition Accessory and a lot more.
For more RC accessories and parts needed, feel free to contact support, we are happy to assist you! Enjoy our Free Shipping, Fast Delivery, and a wide range of products!
Product: Tesla Coil
Packaging: Safe and Hard Box
Type: Lightning Storm
Material: Stainless steel, enamel wires, and electronic parts

Package Includes:
Full Set Tesla-Coil Kit

Please read the manual carefully before using this model.

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.

Solid State Tesla Coil Music Kit 0.2M-SS

Solid State Tesla Coil Music Kit 0.2M-SS

Solid State Tesla Coil Music Kit 0.2M-SS

Solid State Tesla Coil Music Kit 0.2M-SS



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