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FIJON Motorcycle Spare Parts FJ913-B10


  • Fijon Front Shock Absorber
  • Suitable for FIJON FJ913 1/5 Motorcycle
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FIJON Motorcycle Spare Parts FJ913-B10

FIJON Motorcycle Spare Parts is the front shock absorber that keeps the tires in contact with the road surface, it’s a part of the suspension system. Moreover, it helps reduce motorcycle oscillation and bounce. Suitable for Fijon 1/15 Competition Motorcycle model. In addition, this accessory is a part of the Fijon carbon fiber motorcycle frame that has an exquisitely realistic design. It has been prominent nowadays with loads of awesome features. Best for collection, replacement, upgrade, DIY and exhibit.
If you wish to become an RC enthusiast, Fijon FJ913 Motor Frame would be a great start! Learning the basics and enjoying assembling cars and motorcycle is a good experience. It offers a realistic design, high-grade carbon fiber and alloy chassis, metal motor settings, and adjustable shock absorbers. However, we have the empty frame version available, if you wish to get the full kit version you may contact support.
Above all, this item is in good condition and ready to assemble. It fits perfectly with the Fijon frame. However, is suitable for ages 14 years old and above. Aside from this accessory, we have more RC accessories available such as Fijon Motor Frame with a complete set, Fijon Pieces Parts, Fijon Rear Shock, and even Fijon Car frame and parts.
We have more micro parts available such as Inline Engine 27CC, Hit & Miss Gas Engine, Stirling Engine V4 DM13, Marine Steam Engine, Turbine Engine, and a lot more! For more RC accessories and parts needed, feel free to contact support, we are happy to assist you!
Model: FJ913-B10
Applicable Gender: Male
Accessory Type: Frame
Toy type: Electric Toy, RC Motorcycle
Suitable For: FIJON 1/5 Motorcycle

Package Includes:
1x FJ913-B10 Spare Part

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.


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