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Lubricating Cup Microcosm Steam Engine


  • Made of Solid Brass
  • Automatic Lubricator
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Lubricating Cup Microcosm Steam Engine

Lubricating Cup for oiling steam engines. Used for oiling engines of ships, trains, and other locomotives. It supplies lubricating oil to bearings, axle boxes, and cylinders. Moreover, it boosts productivity that enables your vehicle to run faster and profitably. It will give you the best performance without stopping to have your engines greased. In other words, this device is an automatic lubricator fitted for steam engines.

In addition, the process of oil lubrication is very useful, because it reduces friction. It also helps transfer cool & heat into engine parts and absorbs shock in between moving parts, therefore, it helps increase engine life. In addition, lubrication also cleans the inside engine by removing dirt, rubber, and other contaminants. Moreover, when you have a good lubrication system, your engine will surely have high stability and resistance to oxidation. Also possessed with high boiling point and low freezing.

This Micro Lubricating Cup is ideal to maintain and maximize your engine speed. Best for replacement, collection, exhibit, DIY, and experiment. Fully functional and ready to install. However, is suitable for ages 14 years old and above. Aside from this Micro Lubricating Cup, we have other micro parts available such as Inline Engine 27CC, Hit & Miss Gas Engine, Stirling Engine V4 DM13, Marine Steam Engine, and a lot more!

For more RC accessories and parts needed, feel free to contact support, we are happy to assist you!


Material: Solid Brass
Screw Fitting Size: 1/4″ X 40 TPI
Dimension: 50mm x 35mm x 13mm
Net Weight: 38g
Scale: 1:24

Package Includes:
1x Microcosm Lubricating Cup

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.


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