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JetCat P200-RX Turbine Engine


  • P200-RX model with Generator
  • GSU connection, GPS, Airspeed Sensor, and Smoker
  • One Plug Connection
  • Optimized CFD and 5-axis Milled Micro-Compressor
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Free Shipping

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JetCat P200-RX Turbine Engine With Generator

JetCat P200-RX is a new version of the turbine jet engine with a built-in power generator. For starting, you can install it with a smaller battery. After it started, only its generator can bring power to the battery and other equipment. However, In order to use this function, you need to purchase a BMS power manager separately. Consists of GSU connection, GPS, Airspeed sensor inputs, and smoker output. Has also a temperature sensor and optimized CFD.

The good thing about this new generation JetCat RX series is that it has reduced the effort of tubing and cabling. It also equipped with a full digital bus system. Moreover, has a new special adaptation of smaller accessories such as miniature valve, ECUs, and micro fuel pumps. It also features low fuel consumption and fast acceleration.

Above all, it’s fast and fully functional. Item is supplied with all accessories for installation and operation. However, only suitable for adults and children 14 years old above. You can also check our site gamesworldcenter.com for more Steam Engine models such as Hit & Mass gas Engine, Stirling Engine, Stirling Engine Advanced Version, Twin Cylinder Engine, Micro Scale Engine, and more!

Brand: JetCat
Model: PR00-SX
Maximum Thrust: 395N
Idle Thrust: 13N
Weight: 3550g (Includes: starter, motor, and generator)
Diameter: 147mm, length: 350mm
Speed Range: 30000-98000 RPM
Tail Nozzle Temperature: Up to 750 degrees Celsius
Fuel Consumption: 1300 ml per min (maximum throttle)
Fuel type: JET A1 turbojet oil/aviation kerosene
Lubricant Ratio: 5% synthetic oil
Maintenance Interval: 25 hrs
Exhaust Gas Temp.: Max. 750°C

Package Includes:
1x JetCat P200-RX Engine with Generator

Feel free to contact support for more RC accessories and parts needed, we are happy to assist you!

A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.


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