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Iron Man Select Figure – Ultimate


  • Diamond select release
  • Created by superstar artist Bryan Hitch’s designs
  • Sculpted by Steve Kiwus
  • Includes the rack system of Tony Stark
  • Multiple points of articulation

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Iron Man Select Figure – Ultimate

An industrialist and genius inventor Tony Stark, construct his high-tech armored suit to save his life. However, he develops his suit by adding weapons and technological devices. Later, he decides to use his suit to fight evil with the help of his personal AI system JARVIS. After his success, he continues to develop more variants of his suit and made his best-ever powerful suit named Mark. In the other hand, his character has been a great success.

In addition, the movie was considered the best film in 2008. Followed by sequels Iron man 2 and Iron 3. In later series, he joined the Avengers. Assembled together with Marvel’s prominent character such as Hulk, Hawkeye (Ronin), Capitan America, Thor, and Black Widow.

Iron Man Select Figure is standing over 7″ tall with multiple points articulation. Featuring his full armor with a complete rack system, which he uses to put on his battlesuit. Sculpted with full suit and armor with wires interface on the machine. Moreover, the figure has removable armor on his arms. The product is a special collector edition. Above all, the figure was described similarly in the movie. Tony Stark wearing his iconic red battlesuit attached to his suit rack system.

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Stands 7″ tall
Dims: Approx 8 x 5 x 4 inches
Weight: Approx 1.3 pounds



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