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Game Of Thrones Figures – 1/6 Scale White Walker


  • A ThreeZero import
  • Officially licensed
  • Figure stands 13″ Tall
  • New white Walker body features removable armor
  • Spear weapon and real fabric clothing

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Game Of Thrones Figures – 1/6 Scale White Walker Regular Edition

“…half-forgotten demons out of legend, the inhuman Others, raise cold legions of the undead and the never born and prepare to ride down on the winds of winter to extinguish everything we would consider life.”

White Walker is a humanoid creature. Known to be a supernatural threat to humankind. They are also called “The others” in the novels. They are ice creatures who dwell north of The Wall in Westeros (Land of Always Winter). However, people lived in the south of the Wall believed them to be more than creatures of legend. They returned during the Great Ranging undertaken by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. White Walker describes as having humanoid appearance. They are taller than humans and have long wispy white hair with a white beard. They have pale grey-white skin which is sinewy. Most likely a mummified appearance. However, they are much stronger than humans. And are capable of sending large men reeling back several feet with a single blow.

The legendary character has been brought into a figure. The figure is stunningly realistic similarly in the HBO television series. Standing approximately 13″ tall and fully articulated. It has fined tailored clothing with removable armor. Patterns and textures are accurate. In addition, the package includes 2 pairs of interchangeable hands and character accurate spear.

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Dims: Approx 3 x 2 x 13 inches
Weight: Approx 2.37 pounds



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