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Deadpool 1/1 Scale Figure – Life-Size Replica


  • Stands over 6-feet tall (Human size figure)
  • Pre-painted collectors figure
  • Material: Foam Rubber & Latex
  • Simple assembly required!

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Deadpool 1/1 Scale Figure – Life-size Replica. is the first-ever replica has ever made. In addition to NECAs’ impressive creations, the life-size replica of Marvel’s merc Deadpool. Take him with you! as you are facing Deadpool in reality.

Not only teddy bears have human size, but also action figures too! Above all Marvel Classics, Deadpool has been the most iconic and best-selling figure with tons of goodies.

Deadpool 1/1 Scale Figure is an actual replica similarly to the movie character Deadpool. It stands over 6-feet tall. Wow! in other words, like a human-size figure. Made of foam rubber and latex. It is well painted for a more realistic appearance. Moreover, signature accessories are included such as katanas and sheaths.

Buy this awesome figure to complete your Deadpool scale collectibles! You may have the 1/4, and the 1/2 scale, but don’t miss the life-size edition – 1/1 scale!

Made by NECA just for you! Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love!

Get yours now and see more with our great deals.

Pre-painted collectors figure
Dimension: 1.8m Tall (Approx)
Material: Foam Rubber & Latex
Simple assembly required!
Shipped in two boxes
Care instructions included

Dims: Approx 38.1 x 96.5 x 205.7 cm
Weight: Approx 24.9 Kg/55 pounds



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