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DC – Dark Nights: Death Metal – DAH -070 Dynamic Heroes -figuren – DC – DAH -070 Batman The Merciless


A detailed take on Batman The Merciless, every feature including the distinct blue armor and his Aries helmet with elongated bat wings and LED light-up eyes are accurately modeled!

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Manufacturer: BEAST KINGDOM
Scheduled release: June 2022
DC Comic / Dark Night: Metal Death
8 “above.
Beast Hingdoms Dynamic 8Catione Heroes Series Under Brand Brand Experience Entertainment Last DAH sign as intimidated 8 “long!
The state of Batman is not brutal, each function, including bright blue armor and pregnancy with long wings and LED LED eyes like!
Copy with an accurate coating process, in addition to emergency effects and real necklace on shoulders and thighs, and acute and invasive personality!
Accessories are a series of lightning effects that can take photos about this figure to show God as a power, as well as the killer of God, which provides fans in different ways to form Batman!
What is the best way to show the true identity of Batman about with an interchangeable head of Bruce Wayne rhythm?
The two complexes can now create many scenes that support their business in an unforgettable world!