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Ultimate Doc Brown -2015 Figures


Featuring the official licensed likeness of actor Christopher Lloyd, Ultimate Doc Brown is based on his impeccably stylish 2015 appearance in Back to the Future Part 2.

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Great Scott! Ultimate Doc Brown ! The genius inventor known for the time machine miracles is here for sale. It is one of the best movie characters of all time. Without any doubt, all fans will attest to this.

He is better known for his striking performance in Back to the Future Part 2.

Product features

Manufacturer: NECA

Approx. 7″ tall

Carries complete accessories as the original

Excellent quality material

Box contents

1 pc. Back to the Future – Ultimate Doc Brown 2015

Product Details

About Ultimate Doc Brown

Good shot! The doctor. Emmett Brown, the ingenious inventor of the time machine and one of the most admired movie characters!

Doc Brown portrays the official and licensed face of actor Christopher Lloyd and returns to the future of Episode 2 due to his flawless appearance in 2015.

How does Ultimate Doc Brown look

The toy measures approx. 7″ tall. It comes with a stunning gold robe, and has multiple heads and hands. Moreover, it has the “emergency money” suitcase, digital binoculars, and silver glasses accessories!. It’s a complete replica of the original character. With exclusive packaging, we make sure to impress you with the purchase.

Ultimate Doc Brown has an amazing quality

This character has an excellent quality. If you are looking for a long-lasting toy that will stay good for years. With the iconic shocked expression, Doc Brown will impress everyone around.

Ultimate Doc Brown is a nice gift option

If you are looking for an impressive gift, this Doc Brown character is the right choice. Nothing could be more thoughtful than this gift if someone is a Doc Brown fan. So, whether it’s Christmas, birthday, or New Year, this character has saved you from thinking much.

So, what are you thinking? Order the Doc Brown character today and enjoy your day watching it all day. Or, as we mentioned above, surprise the kids with a unique gift.

Get your hands on it as soon as possible!

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