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Amil Manaflare Swimsuit Version Ani Statue – Shining Hearts Statues.


Amil stands 22cm (8.5″) tall in a beautifully sculpted, highly detailed 1/7 scale!

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Amil Manaflare Swimsuit Version Ani Statue – Shining Hearts Statues.

Manufacturer: KOTOBUKIYA
Scheduled release:
It comes from Kotobukiya. it is
Shiny Heart Sculpture – Swimwear version of the statue by Amil Manaflare Instant. Kotobukiya with The Shining Hearts Amil Manaflare Swimsuit version Ani Statue continues the collection of instant sculpts based on the prominent Segas series!
Emile is walking on the beach in a bikini with a double ponytail in her hair. To choose your width, see with or without the detachable skirt. Emil is 22cm (8.5) tall in 1/7 scale, beautifully sculpted, and detailed. The view alone or with other Bright Hearts sculptures by Kotobukiya!


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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.

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