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FS-S100G 4 Stroke Gasoline RC Engine


FS-S100G 4 Stroke Gasoline RC Engine Model For 1:10 / 1:12 / 1:14 RC Car/Boat/Airplane

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FS-S100G 4 Stroke Gasoline RC Engine Model For 1:10 / 1:12 / 1:14 RC Car/Boat/Airplane

FS-S100G 4 Stroke Gasoline. A four-stroke cycle engine is an internal combustion engine that utilizes four distinct piston strokes (intake, compression, power, and exhaust) to complete one operating cycle. The piston makes two complete passes in the cylinder to complete one operating cycle. In addition, the four-stroke engine is the most common type of internal combustion engine. That is used in various automobiles that use gasoline as fuel such as cars, trucks, and some motorbikes.

  1. Intake stroke: The piston moves downward to the bottom, this increases the volume to allow a fuel-air mixture to enter the chamber.
  2. Compression stroke: The intake valve is close, and the piston moves up the chamber to the top. This compresses the fuel-air mixture. At the end of this stroke, a spark plug provides the compressed fuel with the activation energy required to begin combustion.
  3. Power Stroke: As the fuel reaches the end of its combustion, the heat released from combusting hydrocarbons increases the pressure which causes the gas to push down on the piston and create the power output.
  4. Exhaust stroke: As the piston reaches the bottom, the exhaust valve opens. The remaining exhaust gas is pushed out as it moves back upwards.

Moreover, two-stroke engines don’t live as long as four-stroke engines. With the lack of a dedicated lubrication system the parts of a two-stroke engine wear-out faster. Also, two-stroke engines require a mix of oil in with the gas to lubricate the crankshaft, connecting rod, and cylinder walls. Therefore, a four-stroke engine is much better than a two-stroke.

FS-S100G Features:

Small and Powerful. It weighs 380g. However, you need to purchase HCDI and spark plug kits (not included in the package). In addition, CDI and spark plug sleeves are common conditions. CDI and spark plug kits of other similar products can also be used for this product.

If you use gasoline above No.92, the gasoline should be proportioned to the oil. A liter of petrol needs 40ml of oil.

Working Principle: It uses methanol as fuel. A stroke is when the piston reciprocates within the cylinder, the process of moving from one end of the cylinder to the other. 2 laps of oil needle factory debugging, 1.5 laps of auxiliary oil needle factory debugging, and the minimum idle throttle is 2.5mm

However, this product is suitable for14 years old or older. Also, best fit for 1/10, 1/12, 1/14 scale model cars or ships and other equipment.

Notes: Please use it carefully during operation. Do not touch the motor fan with your hands to avoid scratching. Do not touch the cylinder department with your hands to prevent burns.

Color: As Shown
Material: Metal + Plastic
Engine Dimensions: 100.5 x 85.4 x 86.5mm
Cylinder Bore: 17.0mm
Piston Diameter: 16.6mm
Displacement: 3.5cc
Output Power: 0.5ps Horsepower
Speed: 2500-13500rpm
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.54 x 8.65cm
Product Weight: 380g
Package Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10cm
Package Weight: 410g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Model Engine (With Starting Motor)

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.



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