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1/14 Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator RTR K970


Heavy-Duty 1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR Full-Metal K970

  • Brand: Kabolite
  • Model: K970
  • Full-Metal Hydraulic Excavator
  • Flexible Working Environment: Mud, Sand, Ground, Water, Soil
  • Anti-Corrosion & Anti-Rust Properties
  • For Heavy-Duty Excavation, Mining, Demolition, and Construction
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  • Highly Recommended


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1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR Full-Metal New Model K970 

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR, this new model is the first Kabolite’s 1/14 heavy-duty hydraulic mining excavator. The whole car adopts CNC precision-machining however needs to be processed with 100kg aluminum-alloy blank. Moreover, it’s considered a violent monster due to its high simulation and strength. With a dynamic and static rotational eye jade driving and walking. In addition, it has a strong brushless motor system that is suitable for various working environments such as sand, mud, and water.

Above all. K970 has proven large response speed and fast precision with a high and long life which functions similarly to the real ones. Also features its wheel and PIN has stainless steel CNC processing for anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Please note that the model involves a variety of processing techniques such as CNC walking machine, wire cutting, laser etching, welding, laser, and other processing cycles. Therefore, the assembly process is complex and difficult just to fully assemble the K970 model. In conclusion, the product is durable and made for heavy-duty excavation, mining, demolition, and construction activities.

With a default color of Yellow, however, if you want White please contact customer service.


The whole car adopts CNC precision machining.
The wheel torque (single-driving) reaches an amazing 80kg.
With a clearance of 0.01, horizontal shaking of 0.02, and vertical shaking of 0.02 rotary with buffer damping device.
Hydraulic system adopts Italian pump.
No leakage for 10 minutes under 6Mpa pressure.
Improved by using Ting’s planetary deceleration technology.
With added 304 mirror guard plate.
The oil circuit adopts the combination and connection method of the high-pressure hose and copper hard pipe.
Highlights soft flange connection and hard pipe.
The car Wheel is made of stainless steel.
Anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
The steering gear valve adopts customized short-body steering gear.
Has a small size torque with large response speed and fast precision.
The variable finger can increase and decrease the number of channels by reversing the valve according to need.

Brand: Kabolite
Model: K970
Color: Yellow
Material: Metal and Stainless Steel
Weighs: 51kg
Processing time: 202 hours
Tool Path Length: 5 kilometers
Plane Clearance: 0.01
Horizontal Shaking: 0.02
Vertical Shaking: 0.02
Screws: 2300
Motor: Brushless
Age: 16 years old above

Please see this link for the Configuration List of K70 Models: Configuration List for K970 Standard and Advanced Edition Copy

The Integrated Modular Hydraulic Circuit System is shown in the following figures:

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970
Automatic docking 4-way oil circuit valve block

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970 11/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970 2
Bucket Size

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970 3
Hydraulic grasping effect

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970 4
Hydraulic shears effect

1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Full-Metal RTR Kabolite K970 5

Package Includes:
1x 1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR K970 Mode
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The preparation time of this product is between 15-20 business days.



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K970 RTR


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