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1/14 RC Hydraulic Xingyue Forklift Model

  • 6-Channel Remote Control
  • Includes Remote, Receiver, Battery, Charger
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1/14 RC Hydraulic Xingyue Forklift Compatible Model

1/14 RC Hydraulic Forklift, a compatible model by Xing Yue. Comes with accessories such as a Remote, Receiver, Battery, and Charger. Moreover, made of high-quality metal and thick high-grade plastic. Durable with a high-performance level. In addition, has a hydraulic simulation system that functions as the real ones. Its power and simulation degree is far different compared to others. It’s more flexible with a lifting force of 1.5kg.

Above all, it has a beautiful curve and a well-painted body. You can also customize the style based on your preference (contact support). The product is fully assembled and ready-to-run. However, suitable for ages 13 years old and above. Perfect for collection, hobby, science experiment, and lifting activities.

Moreover, you can check out our for more RC Car models such as RC Excavator, RC Helicopter, RC Boat, RC Motorcycle, and a lot more! Other Forklift models are also available Skid-Steer, Forklift Loader RTR, and Hydraulic Forklift Set.

Scale: 1/14
Dimension: 311.5mm x 115.6mm x 210mm
Weight: 3.64kg
Lifting Force: 1.5kg
Accessories: Remote Control (6-Channel), Receiver, Battery, Charger
Optional Configuration: Car Light Set and Sound

Additional Information:
Non-Remote version of Lamp group includes engineering rotating lamp, headlight, rear and corner lamps, and headlamp (works when power is on).
The remote version includes front and rear lamps, corner lamps, rotating lamps, and 4 lamps are all independently controlled.

This product contains the following configuration:

1 Hydraulic oil pump
2 Front-wheel drive motor device
2 Reversing valve
1 Rear-wheel steering gear

Package Content:
RC Hydraulic Forklift Model
1x Oil Pump
2x Front-Wheel Drive Motor
Remote, Receiver, Battery, Charger

The preparation time of this product is between 20-30 business days.

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A perfect gift for a close friend, and for everyone you love, is also suitable for a Christmas / Birthday gift.

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